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The Malta Zodiac Tal – Qadistone Enigma revealed!the-zodiac-of-mlata

“The Origin of Constellations – Isaac Newtons last mystery” :


With this publication (“The origin of…”) the author will reveal a fascinating prehistoric system of orientation that has existed over thousands of years, a system that has constantly been visible but could no longer be identified or decoded.
It opens surprising insight into the wide range of prehistoric knowledge and the communication
horizon of ancient mankind. It demonstrates their immense experience and knowledge about the
shape and the course of frontier zones, coast lines of continents, seas and routes for sea faring. Simultaneously, it unveils a navigation system providing a unified network both as a whole and in detail. It is based along a common axis of orientation on two fixed points, one being the northward direction in the Northern sky and the other being the geographic North Pole.
This could be illustrated and integrated in an abstract type of «punched card system» over the
countless lights of the nocturnal sky. The origin of so-called star constellations whose enigmatic,
mythological meaning has fascinated us until this day, could be proven in a surprising yet plausible
manner by uncovering the technique used by prehistoric mankind and shedding light on their pragmatic purpose.
The accuracy and meticulous methodology of the projection in a prehistoric «light-point-system»
is astonishing; it is exposed as a major orientation and communication system. We are overwhelmed
by the early accomplishment, which obliges us to reconsider the entire chapter of the early history of

1. Introduction
Projection of the North Atlantic
hemisphere in the sky
Historical research to date has been very fragmentary with regards to projections of early star constellations. The names of star constellations were construed from their origins in mythology,
religious beliefs or reconstructed conditions of a certain era.
1) Certain questions, however, such as
the interconnected structure of these constellations in relation to each other have been totally disregarded. Attempts to interpret the star signs for Leo, Aries or Snake as simplified outlines of each animal have proven unsatisfactory and unconvincing.
On the basis of the rationale previously used, the
interconnected stellar network is inexplicable. With regards to this aspect, it ought to be considered that the identification of a certain star constellation is based on a selection process. The stars belonging to each constellation need to be abstracted from the multitude of lights of the firmament. In this process, a star configuration is observed that consists of brighter and dimmer stars, in which stars are configured in a complex that is not optically consistent. The transgression from one light point to the next has to be performed in a certain manner to be able to visualise the shape of the intended star
In the multitude of stars in the sky only very
bright stars
2) or dense light points are useful as principal coordinates. However, these are not identical with the constellations of stars in question. In order to identify a complex star configuration, it is oftennecessary to include dimmer stars that are not conspicuous as such.
That means that a distinct conceptional image (similar to a «mental map») has to be identified
from the sky, and one has to construe the image inquestion and apply the right key for identification.
It is apparent that the spectator is confronted with apparently arbitrary emphases and interconnections.

We are dealing with the so-called «star constellations» as projections, rather than a priori existing, fixed groups of stars that are only interpretable in one way. They exist only when we apply our conceptions to the great, infinite starry heaven as in a punched card system.
Until recently, it was accepted that this had the quality of an arbitrary game with options develloped over millenia into a catalogue of star constellations devised on roots of tradition and repetition, neglecting the possibility that other than mythological origins may have played a role.
Many, if not all, arguments contradict such a hypothesis, if one seriously considers the groups of
stars or configurations of light-points, which have found recognition in our culture. They are irreversible and so far from cogent in their connection, that the mere fact of their selection from the sea of light points leaves us puzzled. This fact in particular often makes it difficult for the layman to easily identify the well-documented star constellations. Nevertheless, the fact that there is an incredible continuity of the ancient so-called «star configurations» in the tradition of astronomy calls for further analysis. Using the physiology and psychology of human perception does not provide an easy explanation.
Nowadays we distinguish between reversible and
irreversible formations of super constellations.
3) The former are more concrete owing to their obvious unity and reversibility. The latter can only be characterised as constructs, which become accessible to the viewer as a result of repetition. The luxations the observer has to perform to make the light points correspond to a classical star configuration, contradicts one’s natural sense of perception.


The coastal and the sea routes between the North Cape, Iceland and North Africa are projected

without exception in the sky.


Preface ( “The Malta Zodiac”)

“The Tal Qadi Stone is one of the 10 most important
archaeological findings worldwide and a unique
symbol for Malta having been the center of
transeuropean trading and cultural exchange in Europe.
No other archeological slab compares with it!”


A new examination of the Maltese Tal Qadi Stone utilizing a specific and hermeneutic analytical procedure (WIRTH method) reveals aspects relevant for an intensive and corrective interpretation of the found peace. This re-evaluation of the Maltese artefact provides the first manifest proof of Isaac Newton’s theorem according to which astral constellations “that have always been visible
as we perceive them today“
1are projected by mankind onto the heavens “so that
navigation on the world’s oceans can be better performed“.

We are dealing with a navigational instrument employed by seafarers in former
days. Constellations of the stars are represented here to aid navigation. The boat
type represented on the stone in between the astral constellations of Leo, Virgo and Scorpio corresponds in its geometrical parameters to the Phoenician birdboat in the early Bronze era. It was the Phoenicians who
4 Newton, Isaac: Chronologia. loc. cit. Confirmed by Pabke, Werner et al. Loc. cit.14 explored and “conquered“ the Mediterranean and the adjoining Black Sea after the fall of Crete 1450 B.C. Since an oceanworthy birdboat could be identified amid the nautical astronomical charts5 depicted on the Maltese stone it can be assumed that we are dealing with a navigational chart for nautical purposes.


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