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Dr. Kai Helge Wirth:

PhD Kai Helge Wirth, well known geografer and arthistorian is a successful author in Germany. In numerous media productions his discoveries had been shown already:

the-zodiac-of-mlataWith his new english publications the author reveals fascinating prehistoric knowledge such as a system of orientation that has existed over thousands of years, a system that has constantly been visible but could no longer be identified or decoded. Before only Isaac Newton was on the right track….

The Zodiak Of Malta 2016/17

“The Tal Qadi Stone is one of the 10 most important archaeological findings worldwide and a unique symbol for Malta having been the center of transeuropean trading and cultural exchange in Europe. No other archeological slab compares with it!”. Dr. Wirth, N.Y. , 2016

Critics: “One scientist said the “birdbark” on the slab is not a ship due to the shape with looks like half of a circle and that it would not be possible to sail with such a ship in a stabile way.  But if we take a look at other pictures of boats from the stoneage until medival, we recognize that the keelshape of the “birdbark” is drawn in a completely tipical way” (pic. below). In addition the “birdbark has a stabilizer (to be seen in the book).



Sir Isaac Newton himself was the first scientist who attempted to solve this mystery. However, it wasn’t until the beginning of the 21st century that the German geographer and artscientist, Kai-Helge Wirth finally fullfilled Sir Isaac’s quest.

the-origin-of-constellationsThe Origin Of Constellations 2016

Newton reached the following conclusion: the star constellations were not a natural phenomenon, visible to anyone, who gazes at the sky – but, rather designs, created by seafarers, as an aid in orientation.

What Wirth found out strongly supports Isaac Newton’s discoveries.

The images of the star maps add up to a concrete map of the world with astonishing precision and, the constellations are shaped and arranged to represent the world’s currents in minute detail. Neighboring images show neighboring currents.

This opens surprising insight into the wide range of prehistoric knowledge and the communication horizon of ancient mankind.